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Who We Are

The Awtrey name has stood out in the media industry for decades. Now, this father-daughter duo has
combined forces to bring the highest level of digital marketing to the Southeast.


Our goal is to bring our high level of professionalism to your business to tell your story in pictures and words. We are dependable professionals who deliver quality work on a deadline.

Awtrey Media Group is staffed with heavy hitters of our industry, including award-winning writers and photographers. We can help you craft your story and establish your brand in ways that make sense, make budget and make connections with your audience.

Why? Because we’ve already been doing it for years.

Stan Awtrey and Kate Awtrey-King in the newsroom, circa 1989.

Who We Are


Kate Awtrey-King

President / CEO

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John Awtrey

Project Manager

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Stan Awtrey

Chief Operating Officer

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Joseph Miranda


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David King

Senior Vice President

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Why Now?

Stan Awtrey has been a recognizable member of the Atlanta print media for almost 50 years.


Kate Awtrey-King has built an incredible reputation as a corporate event photographer for more than a


During the pandemic, Stan and Kate decided it would be gratifying to combine their strengths to create a media company. The timing was perfect.


Now companies looking to tell their story and establish their brand can connect with the Awtrey Media Group team and leverage all those years of experience.

If you’re looking, ask yourself this question: Do I want my story told by someone who knows what
they’re doing? Someone who has done it in real life?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Kate Awtrey-King and Stan Awtrey at the Masters in 2014.
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