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A glance at the calendar should spark blog ideas

Some clients complain about their struggles to find a topic to write about for their weekly blogs. That’s understandable, since most of them are so busy with their business that they won’t want to set aside time to produce a 500-word post.

But when you sit down and think about your editorial calendar, it’s not really that difficult. It just takes a little thought … and the willingness to tip your cap to the holidays.

A great building block is to plug in the holidays on your calendar.

Start with Christmas and New Year’s Day, the start working backwards.

There’s Thanksgiving … and Veteran’s Day … and Halloween … even Columbus Day … and Labor Day.

That’s seven holidays … and seven holiday topics … right there for the final 16 weeks of the year. Your brainstorming session is almost over for the final four months of the calendar.

Just keep listing the holiday and you’ll soon have tons of topics. The Fourth of July. Juneteenth. Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day. Easter. President’s Day. MLK Day. St. Patrick’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day.

That’s 12 more. That gives you 19 topics right there!

You can even mine gold from such lesser-known holidays like Arbor Day or Groundhog Day or Super Bowl Sunday (which isn’t a holiday … yet).

If you get stumped, a good site to reference is This website is broken down by date. Who would have known that the day this post is being written (June 21) that we should be celebrating National Selfie Day, National Take Your Dog to Work Day, National Wagyu Beef Day and National Day of the Gong – which is unfortunately not the same as the birthday of Chuck Barris, the longtime host of “The Gong Show,” who was born on June 3.

Here's the point: There is no shortage of ideas for blog posts. You just need to think about it and write them down. Now just get started doing it.

If you need help with your content marketing plans or writing blog posts, we can help. Reach out to the Awtrey Media Group and see how we can help. Call 770-746-3787 or email


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