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Do you need to host a press conference?

We had a client ask us a question the other day. It’s the same one that’s been voiced often in the past. And the answer, at least 99.9 percent of the time, remains the same.

The question was: Do we need to have a press conference to announce this?

Now to be honest, the client was excited – most of them are – and all he could see in his imagination was a room full of reporters, a dozen television cameras on the periphery and the buzz of electricity permeating the room. That was his vision, his imagination.

It’s never fun, but his bubble had to be burst.

The answer – like it usually is – was no. There was no need for a press conference.

Unless your client is a candidate for political office and is jumping in the race, there’s almost no reason to host a press conference. Not for your new book. Not for your new product. Not for most anything.

But why?

Here’s the harsh truth: There just aren’t that many news outlets in operation these days. And the newspapers who used to cover such things back in the day are operating with skeleton crews these days. Outlets that once had 60 reporters now have a staff one-tenth of that size. Even big-city television stations are hiring young talent – and many of them are forced to carry their own camera and shoot their own footage.

And since the reporters only have time to attend the most important event, yours isn’t likely to make the cut. That often results in press conferences attended by one or two reporters – and that’s a bad visual. It’s better to skip a press conference than host one that has no one in attendance.

That’s why we advise our clients to skip the cost and hassle of hosting a press conference. No need to rent a room, send out invitations, print dozens or press kits and waste time preparing remarks for a crowd that simply isn’t going to show up.

Here’s a possible solution

There are better ways to get the message out than hosting a press conference.

You need to confer with your media professional and see what plan will work best for you. Maybe it makes sense to use a video to tell your story. A video can be as simple as the CEO standing at a podium and making a brief announcement. Or it could be a more-complex, scripted video that tells a story.

By using targeted press releases and pinpointing the outlets that will be most beneficial, along with the smart use of social media and an intelligent, well-thought-out content plan, you will get better results – and avoid the embarrassment of an empty room for your big announcement.

So, unless you’re going to run for President of the United States, why not skip the press conference and do something that works.

Schedule a call with a professional at Awtrey Media and we can help you get the word out about your company, event or product – so it gets the attention it deserves.



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