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Have you taken a look at your website lately?

Updated: May 6

If your company’s website is not appealing, you’re probably chasing potential clients away. If they find your site – either organically or through paid advertising – and it’s horrible, they’ll switch faster than when you accidently flip the channel and find “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo."

How long has it been since you’ve taken a look at your website. Might be a good idea to call it up and give it a look. A good hard look.

Be honest …

Does your home page look dated? The typography should be modern, yet must match the tone of your business. An art studio and delicatessen will want to use different type faces.

Is all the information on your page correct – or has the phone number or address changed? In fact, can you even find either on the site? You don’t want to hide that essential information.

Do all the links still work or there are some 404 errors that come back. (That’s OK if you’re calling Atlanta because the area code there is 404. It’s not OK that’s an error message that bounces back your way.)

Are the images on the page current or do they need to be replaced and updated. Take a long look at the fashions and ask yourself, “Are disco shirts still a thing?” Might be time to switch those out.

What about the headshots for those in leadership? Perhaps Harold the CEO likes that 15-year-old photo because he still had hair and it wasn’t grey in those days. But it’s best to keep those images refreshed. And make sure you remove the information for those who left the company and add those who have joined.

Check out your subdirectories. Are they all still valid? Do they describe your goods and services? Have you added additional services that need to be plugged into the site? Make sure these are easy to find. There’s nothing worse than playing hide-and-seek with your target audience.

Just be honest with yourself. And, if you ask friends to give an opinion, promise not to get your feelings hurt.

That’s just a few places to begin your examination. It shouldn’t take that long to give your site the once-over. But if you do it on a regular basis, your website will look better, work better and you won’t be scaring off your audience.

Running a business is hard enough. You should be focused on that and not pile website management and marketing needs on your already-full plate. Consider turning those duties over to the professionals.


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